Sterilite Storage Bins

Simple Interior Furniture with Sterilite Plastic Storage Bins, Rectangle Blue Lid, and Rugged Lid Container Box

Sterilite Storage Bins

Minimalist Interior Design with Large Sterilite Clear White Plastic Storage Bins, 48 Quart Clear Base Storage Tote, and Attached White Lid Storage Box

Minimalist Bedroom with Sterilite Rolling Plastic Storage Bins, Nylon Wheels Swivel Casters, and 3 Drawer White Wide Storage Cart

Modern Interior with Sterilite Transparent Plastic Storage Bins, Titanium Black Latches, and White Plastic Lid Box

Simple Interior with Sterilite Clear Storage Bins, Hinged Latch Lid Closes Securely, and Clear White Plastic Lid Bins

Modern Bedroom with Sterilite Clear White Plastic Storage Bins, Large Modular Drawer 4 Pack, and Stacking Storage Drawer Clear Box Containers

Simple Interior with Sterilite Blue Plastic Storage Bins, Rectangular Blue Plastic Lid, and Portable Latching Storage Tote Box

Modern Kitchen with 3 Drawer Medium White Plastic Storage Bins, Plastic Swivel Caster Wheels, and Sterilite Storage Cart Portable Container

Simple Interior with Sterilite Plastic Shoe Storage Bins, White Plastic Lid Container, and Lids Feature Comfortable Grips